Installing Apache James 2.x on Debian


  1. Install Java to Debian
  2. Download and unzip James to /opt/james
  3. Fix the permissions:

    chmod +x /opt/james/
    chmod +x /opt/james/
  4. set JAVA_HOME

    export JAVA_HOME
  5. disable existing SMTP server, if necessary

    • check running smtp server

      netstat -anp
    • exim4 may be running; stop it

      service exim4 stop
  6. copy sunjce_provider-jdk6.jar from JDK ext to /opt/james/lib, otherwise the AES algorithm won’t be recognized.

  7. start James


Adding users

  • In separate shell

    telnet localhost 4555
  • login as root, password root

  • add a new user

    adduser johndoe johndoe
  • check that user was added


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